I'm leaving your entrails
Scattered to the sky
Carrion assisted regeneration
Yet, consciousness remains
Ever waiting

Blurred faded outlines
Reminants of ancient beings
Dinosaur descendants canopy sing
Sciurus fears the man

He, the thought, visited again
The pain and remonsterances
Still missing He, the thought
Wishing for a reunion
Destined to miss

Moss protected fallen one
Only gratitude

On The Outs

I died that day
Gathering clouds that never condensed
Am dying still today
With spasms now
And tremors from the medication

My brain is broken
Nobody knows when or how
Only is
They locked me away
"For my own good" they said
Another inmates dirty underwear
strewn across the room
hanging on the only chair
greeted the slow dying
At least I wasn't hooked up to dialysis
At least no one was permanently injured
or killed or inconvenienced

I died again that day
When the police were called
Pretending the handcuffs were too tight
Feigning tortured to remind you what you did
And didn't do

How was I to know
That everyone had made other plans
None of which were commensurate 
How was I to know I would not be able to mourn
The death of him

When the grieving ended
Gratitude was left
Wandering the forest
The forest bereft of game or clean water
Lonely forest walks to a lake
Populated by capitalists blowing off steam
And broken sewer mains

Dying forgotten only temporarily
Forest remnant a trophy that mocks
You didn't kill me but
I died that day